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[E-sport] WCG announces official game list

Hi, last time WCG announces official game list 

more info HERE

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Monday, April 11, 2011

[News] This is IT !

And ... This is it !! Big day like D-day ! Something BIG is here :)

no this is no : porn, my nude pic, CAKE, money($.$), flying cars, new longcat,

This is ... our ... B...
are you want to buy a letter ?



For now without domain and in test-time but it is board :D

no for now this is not a game server but in near future ( two weak ?) probably YES :)

what you can do on BOARD ? ok... ok you know what you can do, so get on Board and let's talk :)

[News] Something BIG incoming :)

Hi, today (I hope ) We will show, special for you something BIG for our blog :)

What is it ? write in comments and wait only 5 hours left :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The winner of GSL is ... South Korea

It was a clash of giants. Rest of the World vs Korea.

World Team Championship League (this is the full name of the tournament) gathered eight top players from the rest of the world under the leadership of Dan "Artosis "Demkoski and an equally large representation of Korea led by Hong Seung " Cella "Pyo. That was the tournament Demonstration, because the "main" tournament was World Championship Seoul 2011. Competition took place on Korean system "best-of-one"- the winner stays ,the loser eliminated and the player takes his place next player from the team. The tournament was played over two days and the first one ended in favor of the rest of the world, mainly due to Sen and TT1. On the second day awaited us a pleasant surprise- White_Ra defeated MC ( He is the best player in the world!). Koreans should thank "July", who beat up to four opponents!

That was amazing. The level of the game was very close. Ultimately the rest of the world had to acknowledge the superiority of Koreans, but this event showed, that Rest of the world isn't better or worse than Koreans. In previous years, the Koreans smashed Rest of the world. Premiere in e-sport of Starcraft II gives hope to equal opportunities, because everybody starts from zero.

Day 1:

Rest of the World vs. South Korea
MorroW(RotW) 0 : 1 anypro(Korea) (map: Tal'Darim Altar)
Sen 1 : 1 anypro (Terminus RE)
Sen 2 : 1 MarineKing (Xel'Naga Caverns)
Sen 2 : 2 San (Metalopolis)
TT1 3 : 2 San Scrap (Station)
TT1 4 : 2 NaDa (Crossfire SE)

Day 2:

TT1 4 : 3 MC (Crevasse)
White-Ra 5 : 3 MC (Shakuras Plateau)
White-Ra 5 : 4 July (Scrap Station)
HuK 5 : 5 July (Xel'Naga Caverns
mOOnGLaDe 5 : 6 July (Metalopolis)
Jinro 5 : 7 July (Crevasse)
DIMAGA 6 : 7 July (Shakuras Plateau)
DIMAGA 7 : 7 IMmvp (Tal'Darim Altar)
DIMAGA 7 : 8 NesTea (Terminus RE)

If you want to see this matches , go to

Last time we was thinking about board, what do you think about it ? It is good idea or bad? -say in comments.

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[board] What do you think about board ?

Hi, last time I was thinking about board, what do you think about it ?

You can ask there if you have problem with computer, you want to buy new computer, you want to play or just talk :)

say in comments what do you think about it ? :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

[FUNNY] Fail Compilation

Hi, I found on the Internet next fail compilation. Some actions are repeated, some are new. Enjoy :)

[PC News] Gigabyte mouse (?)

Hi, last time Gigabyte show their own mouse ! ECO600 wireless laser mouse . Bad news - if you want to use this mouse you need two AA batteries, but there is good news too :) you need 12 months to change batteries :P . max resolution : only 1600 DPI (??) =| weighing 106 g without batteries.
I really don't know what to say about this mouse =|

some photo:

price: Gigabyte didn't say ;P

Friday, April 8, 2011

CompLexity add urb

The best Brazilian organization, CompLexity recently had problems with his Counter Strike team. Very poor performance on Intel Extreme Masters V caused the Bruno 'bit' Fukuda retraction. Since then, the team looked for the fifth player. Now,they have announced the addition of Matheus "urb" Oliveira from playArt.sp to their division.

The Brazilian talent had been on trial with the former FireGamers team for over two weeks, having helped them win the TEAMPLAY Summer 2011 online competition at the end of March. He had a chance to title Most Valuable Player of the Mega GamerHouse Acervus cup in September, which his then-team won against the likes of Made in Brazil and CNB-Gaming.

Urb will not fly with the rest of the team to Denmark, where coL will be at Copenhagen Games to play in the Counter-Strike: Source competition as part of their deal with TargetDown. The name of the first LAN event which the team will play with the new lineup has not yet been released.

CompLexity CS squad:

Matheus 'Urb' da Silva Oliveira
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo de Alcantara
Renato 'nak' Nakano
Bruno 'Bruno1j' Ono
Lincoln 'fnx' Lau

I can only wish them : hf&gl :)

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

[Blog News] I'm back :)

Hi, I'm back :) I can't write any PC NEWS because I was sick, on monday I was in hospital but now I'm in home :) today next PC NEWS :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

IEM V: the best frags

Hi, a few days ago one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for gamers, Steelseries presented fragmovie : "The Best Of: IEM5 World Championship - Presented by SteelSeries". In the fragmovie we can see actions of teams like Na'Vi, Frag-eXecutors or mTw. Author of this movie is Arsalan "SK" Khan (e-Motion Productions). In my opinion this fragmovie is the best (no special effects). World class.

Hit play below to view the best of IEM5 World Championship.


Pendulum- Watercolor

Pendulum- Witchcraft

Two Steps From Hell - Call To Arms


[PC News] Orico USB 3.0 flash drive

Hi, today Orico show new USB 3.0 flash drive series 16 and 32 GB. This is very fast flash drive :D how fast ? 164/142 MB/s (read/write) !!! I think this is very fast like for flash drive ;)

bad news : probably this flash drive will be available only in Asia :/

Monday, April 4, 2011

Allen inactive in SK

Great loss for SK-gaming. Jimmy "allen" Allen (Sweden) has announced he will be going inactive from competitive play due to illness. The long time SK player last played with GeT_Right, RobbaN, f0rest and face on Intel Extreme Masters V European Championship. Even then he felt bad and said, that his skill in CS is lower. Allen joined to SK Gaming on July 17 in 2006 alongside Mattias "Snajdan" Andersen, being just 17-years-old. Since then he has attended many events and most of the time finished within the top five. He issued a statement:

"Hey guys! After almost 5 years in the SK hoodie I've decieded to become inactive until further notice. I haven't been feeling well lately due to a sickness that effects me in a negative way regarding Counter-Strike. I choose to play the IEM Euro Finals in January even though I didn't feel well and after that I realized I should take a break and focus on my illness for a while.

I hope to be back one day and I wanna thank SK Gaming and my lovely team-mates for some great years, and I wish them gl this year, I think they'll do really well. Sick lineup 2011.

I also wanna thank all my loyal fans, of course, for all the support during the years. It helped me a lot keeping myself motivated having you guys cheering me on. Hope you guys will still be out there if I do a comeback.

I guess you guys wanted me to explain more about my illness but I find that very hard, it's complicated. Sorry about that. But I'm sure I will be fine in reasonable time.

In recent months, allen was substituted by Dennis "dennis" Edman from RAGE Gaming. He was very good on Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals and He goes with SK Gaming to Denmark in Copenhagen Games in the second half of April. He is listed as the top candidate in allen's place in squad.

We must emphasize, that allen probably will come back to CS. He is one of the Counter Strike stars. Just look at the list of his achievements:

2007 SEC (1st)
2007 IEM II LA (2nd)
2008 IEM II Finals (4th)
2008 Kode5 Global Final (3rd)
2008 IEM III LA (1st)
2008 IEM III Montreal (2nd)
2008 WCG (2nd - Silver medal)
2008 DreamHack Winter (1st)
2009 EM III Global Finals (4th)
2009 ESWC Masters Cheonan (2nd)
2009 Kode5 Global Final (2nd)
2009 IEM IV Chengdu (1st)
2009 IEM IV Dubai (3rd)
2009 IEF (1st)
2009 Arbalet Cup Europe (1st)
2010 IEM IV European Finals (3rd)
2010 IEM IV World Championship (3rd)
2010 Arbalet Best of Four (2nd)
2010 IOL S2 Final4 (1st)
2010 ESWC (2nd)
2010 SEC (1st)
2010 WCG Nordic (1st)
2010 WEM (2nd)

Well, goodbye allen and I wish you full recovery!

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By the way, We still invite you to join our steam group: and take part in the survey about our games server.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

[Blog news] over 10 000 visits and new vote

Hi, today we break 10 000 visits :D big THANKS !!

Today we create new vote, what games do you play ?

Why we want to know this ? Because in last vote I think you don't like Half Life 2 DM :/ We want to create this blog server :)

We want to create blog board what do you think about it ? say in comments ;)

[Blog news] Blog group on steam

Hi, today I create our blog group on steam :

if you want you can join and in the future play with us :)

Join and invite your friends :D

bye in game :P

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Changes, changes, changes in... Iron Will

Now e-sport is very "dynamic" type of sport. We still have transfers, new teams are formed, old disappear. Often we hear about "gaming revolution", yet everything remains the same. It's hard to comprehend every change....

Changes no. 45918

One of the best Russian team, Iron Will have removed Viktor 'Sally' Filimonchenko and Boris 'Snoop' Podvalshchikov, replacing them with Vladimir 'VofkiN' Shmakov and Alexander 'Talisman' Talismanov.

The veteran duo has however not been kept in the lineup, as they were today removed. Filimonchenko and Podvalshikov were in fact statistically 2 of the 3 worst players at the ICS 7 (Intel Challange Supercu 7) event. Kiev competitions were to be a test for this 2 players ,who definitely did not pass. Iron Will must convince, that surnames don't play in team.

Vladimir 'VofkiN' Shmakov may be associated with a game in Russia national team. He didn't play in large organizations. Alexander 'Talisman' Talismanov was AWP player in semi-professional team- RuSh3D. May the team finally was able to stabilize, because castling is already underway since February.

Iron Will now:

-Aleksey "HEL1" Novikov
-Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov
-Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov
-Vladimir "VofkiN" Shmakov
-Alexander "Talisman" Talismanov

Source: ,

Xperia PLAY 2011 Prelude

Hi,this week we held a European tournament -Xperia PLAY Prelude 2011. On Wednesday and Thursday there was eight, fascinating battles.

The first two battles took place at 19:

1. x6tence vs. empty - The Swedish team (empty), as usual, showed the Spaniards how to play CS 1.6. They won 2:0 (1st - de_inferno 6:16, 2nd - de_dust2 10:16)
2. RG-ENUZI vs. face!- Not this league , RG-ENUZI, not this league. face! won 2:0 (1st - de_train 16:10, 2nd - de_tuscan 16:9). Only "kale" defended his team's honor - see this action:

Next match: mTw vs. Gamerzone. Of course mTw won this battle 2:0 (1st - de_inferno 16:3, 2nd - de_train 16:9

4. Cheap Times! vs. munkka - It was very hard duel. They must play up to 3 maps. Unfortunately, young squad, Cheap Times! eventually lost in a clash with munkka 1:2 (1st - de_inferno 22:26, 2nd - de_train 16:5, 3rd - de_dust2 11:16). Cheap Times! defended very well. This is evidenced by this situation:

5. Moscow Five vs. X (former DG)- The Russians surely won against X. That was Own3d - 2:0 for Moscow Five (1st - de_inferno 16:1, 2nd - de_train 16:4).

6.dateam vs. deathwish- deathwish won 2:1 (1st - de_inferno 4:16, 2nd - de_train 16:9, 3rd - de_tuscan 23:26).

7.Online vs. eSrael - Israelis didn't have any chances. 2:0 for Finns ( 1st - de_dust2 16:14, 2nd - de_nuke 16:12).

8.SK Gaming vs. gatherproffs- The best battle of this week. Both sides played very well. However, the composition of CS 1.6 stars like GeT_Right or RobbaN must win. They defeated gatherproffs 2:1 (1st - de_train 16:6, 2nd - de_inferno 6:16, 3rd - de_dust2 16:12). We could see amazing actions both SK and gatherproffs :

What is your favorite to win?

[PC News] Afox GeForce GT 530

Hi, today Afox show new gaphic card - Nvidia GeForce GT530. this is not very fast card but I think this card is very cheap ~100 $ . What on board ?

  • GDDR3 1333 MHz (2.66 GHz DDR) 1 GB or 2 GB
  • Core clocked at 750 MHz
  • 96 CUDA core 

source : TechPowerUp

Friday, April 1, 2011

[Fail] Fail compilation

Hi, today some funny, new fail compilation

[PC News] Cubitek show new computer case

Hi, today Cubitek show two new computer case : Cubitek's M4 and M4 Silencer


source: TechPowerUp

Evil Genuses without Grubby

The best USA e-sport organization, Evil Geniuses parted with Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen (Netherlands). Also, they closed the WarCraft III division indefinitely. The reason for departing legend of Warcraft was change in "direction" of the organization. They want to expand their team of Starcraft. Hmm, what's wrong? The official statement ignores the detail that besides Grubby plays in Starcraft 2. Tomorrow he will take part in the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Dallas 2011, where he will compete with 256 other players for big cash prizes (the prize giving $ 5,000).

"I would like to thank EG for my time spent in the team. I wish everyone all the best in the future as well. Shout-out to EG.CS, been a pleasure getting to know you and hanging out together."- commented Grubby.

Interestingly, Evil Geniuses has not bad division of this game. They have DeMusliM, IdrA or iNcontrol. Wow , that was dreamteam...

Grubby joined EG in April of 2009 as a WarCraft III star. During his tenure he was able to place 1st at e-Stars Seoul 2009, 2nd at Blizzcon 2009, 1st at WEM 2009 and 2nd at WCG 2010.

He has been accepted into the NASL(North American Star League) and placed in Division 1, where he will meet former WC3 rival "Moon".


[PC News] G.Skill show new SSD

Hi, today G.Skill show new SSD disk with 20 nm-class NAND Flash and with Sata 3Gb/s
What does it mean ? It's mean this disk will be fast :D
premier : april :)


source: TechPowerUp