Monday, April 4, 2011

Allen inactive in SK

Great loss for SK-gaming. Jimmy "allen" Allen (Sweden) has announced he will be going inactive from competitive play due to illness. The long time SK player last played with GeT_Right, RobbaN, f0rest and face on Intel Extreme Masters V European Championship. Even then he felt bad and said, that his skill in CS is lower. Allen joined to SK Gaming on July 17 in 2006 alongside Mattias "Snajdan" Andersen, being just 17-years-old. Since then he has attended many events and most of the time finished within the top five. He issued a statement:

"Hey guys! After almost 5 years in the SK hoodie I've decieded to become inactive until further notice. I haven't been feeling well lately due to a sickness that effects me in a negative way regarding Counter-Strike. I choose to play the IEM Euro Finals in January even though I didn't feel well and after that I realized I should take a break and focus on my illness for a while.

I hope to be back one day and I wanna thank SK Gaming and my lovely team-mates for some great years, and I wish them gl this year, I think they'll do really well. Sick lineup 2011.

I also wanna thank all my loyal fans, of course, for all the support during the years. It helped me a lot keeping myself motivated having you guys cheering me on. Hope you guys will still be out there if I do a comeback.

I guess you guys wanted me to explain more about my illness but I find that very hard, it's complicated. Sorry about that. But I'm sure I will be fine in reasonable time.

In recent months, allen was substituted by Dennis "dennis" Edman from RAGE Gaming. He was very good on Intel Extreme Masters Global Finals and He goes with SK Gaming to Denmark in Copenhagen Games in the second half of April. He is listed as the top candidate in allen's place in squad.

We must emphasize, that allen probably will come back to CS. He is one of the Counter Strike stars. Just look at the list of his achievements:

2007 SEC (1st)
2007 IEM II LA (2nd)
2008 IEM II Finals (4th)
2008 Kode5 Global Final (3rd)
2008 IEM III LA (1st)
2008 IEM III Montreal (2nd)
2008 WCG (2nd - Silver medal)
2008 DreamHack Winter (1st)
2009 EM III Global Finals (4th)
2009 ESWC Masters Cheonan (2nd)
2009 Kode5 Global Final (2nd)
2009 IEM IV Chengdu (1st)
2009 IEM IV Dubai (3rd)
2009 IEF (1st)
2009 Arbalet Cup Europe (1st)
2010 IEM IV European Finals (3rd)
2010 IEM IV World Championship (3rd)
2010 Arbalet Best of Four (2nd)
2010 IOL S2 Final4 (1st)
2010 ESWC (2nd)
2010 SEC (1st)
2010 WCG Nordic (1st)
2010 WEM (2nd)

Well, goodbye allen and I wish you full recovery!

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  1. Hope he will get back to PWNING!

  2. crazy, i hope everything works out

  3. damn that sucks hope he gets well

  4. its a shame man, that guy was damn good at some games

  5. He will be missed, he just needs to get well asap

  6. Hope he gets well enough to feel he can return

  7. Love your blog style! Keep up the great work!

  8. Those are some good achievements, I hope he comes back.

  9. Hope it's nothing serious.

  10. Poor dude, he was living his dream too...

  11. thats a big list of achievements

  12. too sad atleast he loved what he did!

  13. A shame , but hope he will come back stronger as ever.

  14. Hope he recovers quickly, doesn't sound too nice...

  15. hopefully he has a speedy recovery

  16. SK gaming really puts out some great gaming.

  17. Wait, what? What does he have? I'm beginning to think he was just fired. Btw, i'm looking for $upport.

  18. Thats a hell of a list of achievements. No wonder Sk is dominating the scene.

  19. I didn't understand a word!
    But I like the photos of the two cats :-)!
    Sorry if I answer you only now. I wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog, Sorry if I answer today but I was in Florence and when back home I had lot of things to do!
    But thank you for your nice words!
    Check out my today's post, and don't miss tomorrow's one!!<3

  20. I didn't know people still play counterstrike competitively. Anyways, nice post!

  21. I agree, I hope everything turns out ok