Saturday, April 2, 2011

Changes, changes, changes in... Iron Will

Now e-sport is very "dynamic" type of sport. We still have transfers, new teams are formed, old disappear. Often we hear about "gaming revolution", yet everything remains the same. It's hard to comprehend every change....

Changes no. 45918

One of the best Russian team, Iron Will have removed Viktor 'Sally' Filimonchenko and Boris 'Snoop' Podvalshchikov, replacing them with Vladimir 'VofkiN' Shmakov and Alexander 'Talisman' Talismanov.

The veteran duo has however not been kept in the lineup, as they were today removed. Filimonchenko and Podvalshikov were in fact statistically 2 of the 3 worst players at the ICS 7 (Intel Challange Supercu 7) event. Kiev competitions were to be a test for this 2 players ,who definitely did not pass. Iron Will must convince, that surnames don't play in team.

Vladimir 'VofkiN' Shmakov may be associated with a game in Russia national team. He didn't play in large organizations. Alexander 'Talisman' Talismanov was AWP player in semi-professional team- RuSh3D. May the team finally was able to stabilize, because castling is already underway since February.

Iron Will now:

-Aleksey "HEL1" Novikov
-Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov
-Alexey "LeX" Kolesnikov
-Vladimir "VofkiN" Shmakov
-Alexander "Talisman" Talismanov

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  1. Cool who do you think will reign supreme?

  2. Thanks for the update! Hard to keep them all straight.

  3. Vladimir Shmakov is probably the coolest name I've ever heard in my life...

  4. Christ it like a business these teams.

  5. Iron Will's lineup is serious stuff!

  6. I preferred e-sport when it was more underground *adjusts glasses*

  7. Ahah Iron Will's always pretty interesting to follow. Thanks for sharing, cheers man

  8. >Vladimir Shmakov is probably the coolest name I've ever heard in my life...

    i'm going to have to second this.

  9. must suck to be the worst players

  10. There are very few competitive games that are actually based off skill, and CS happens to be one of them.

  11. that seems like a pretty cool game

  12. @Lhoseriff You bet. I've been playing CS for a long time. I don't think I could ever get bored.