Sunday, April 10, 2011

The winner of GSL is ... South Korea

It was a clash of giants. Rest of the World vs Korea.

World Team Championship League (this is the full name of the tournament) gathered eight top players from the rest of the world under the leadership of Dan "Artosis "Demkoski and an equally large representation of Korea led by Hong Seung " Cella "Pyo. That was the tournament Demonstration, because the "main" tournament was World Championship Seoul 2011. Competition took place on Korean system "best-of-one"- the winner stays ,the loser eliminated and the player takes his place next player from the team. The tournament was played over two days and the first one ended in favor of the rest of the world, mainly due to Sen and TT1. On the second day awaited us a pleasant surprise- White_Ra defeated MC ( He is the best player in the world!). Koreans should thank "July", who beat up to four opponents!

That was amazing. The level of the game was very close. Ultimately the rest of the world had to acknowledge the superiority of Koreans, but this event showed, that Rest of the world isn't better or worse than Koreans. In previous years, the Koreans smashed Rest of the world. Premiere in e-sport of Starcraft II gives hope to equal opportunities, because everybody starts from zero.

Day 1:

Rest of the World vs. South Korea
MorroW(RotW) 0 : 1 anypro(Korea) (map: Tal'Darim Altar)
Sen 1 : 1 anypro (Terminus RE)
Sen 2 : 1 MarineKing (Xel'Naga Caverns)
Sen 2 : 2 San (Metalopolis)
TT1 3 : 2 San Scrap (Station)
TT1 4 : 2 NaDa (Crossfire SE)

Day 2:

TT1 4 : 3 MC (Crevasse)
White-Ra 5 : 3 MC (Shakuras Plateau)
White-Ra 5 : 4 July (Scrap Station)
HuK 5 : 5 July (Xel'Naga Caverns
mOOnGLaDe 5 : 6 July (Metalopolis)
Jinro 5 : 7 July (Crevasse)
DIMAGA 6 : 7 July (Shakuras Plateau)
DIMAGA 7 : 7 IMmvp (Tal'Darim Altar)
DIMAGA 7 : 8 NesTea (Terminus RE)

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  1. awesome competition, I knew they'd win

  2. Ha, is this really a suprise >_>

  3. koreans are crazy at gaming

  4. i think its crazy that foreigners did so well when they first arrive by plane for the friendly competition. but then in the tournament they bombed horridly. I think SK did it on purpose to make the world players over confident.

  5. It appears south korea is best korea in this case

  6. is this starcraft if so, funny thing is, they have professional sc teams in korea end even part of your millitary service can be dedicated to starcraft.