Friday, March 11, 2011

The Legends of Quake III are coming back!!

Do you remember the Swedish team iCE cLIMBERS (desp, fox, Gopher, Reptile and Toxic)??? This is one of the legendary Quake Arena team. They dominated when Quake was played in the 4v4 mode and he equaled the popularity of Counter Strike 1.6. They have gigantic list of victories, which they may envy them the best teams.


1st ClanBase EuroCup XI Online League
2nd ClanBase EuroCup IX Online League
1st ClanBase EuroCup VIII Online League
1st DreamHack Winter 2003
1st ClanBase EuroCup VII Online League
1st QLAN
3rd ClanBase EuroCup VI Online League
1st CPL Oslo
2nd Lan Arena 7
2nd ClanBase EuroCup V
1st Warp LAN Lund
2nd CPL Cologne Cologne
1st Gib'n'Run Online League
2nd Birdie 12
1st CPL London
2nd ClanBase EuroCup III

They're the best too, when tournaments was played mainly in 1v1 system. Magnus "fox" Olsson is one of the leading players in 1v1, and until recently he's an enemy for av3k or Cypher, but the real superstar was Johan "toxic" Quick. Suffice to say, that the fifteen major tournaments Q4 toxinator "won eleven (!), including QuakeCon, KODE5, World Series of Video Games tournament and WCG.

It seems, that iCE cLIMBERS would be reactivated. Toxic and his brother, Fredrik "gopher" Quick train with Pierre-Emeric "l1nk1n" Portier (he said goodbye to fnatic). The fourth player is unknown.

The big return announced the legend of e-sport -Johnathan "fatal1ty" Wendel. Could he repeat the domination of the quake area? What do you think about "big returns" in quake?



  1. Wow! I had no idea Quake 3 was still being played professionally!

  2. Likin the blog..keep em posts comin!

  3. thats awesome... i used the rule quake II on the N64, none of my friends would play against me

  4. havent played quake in forever

  5. Quake 2 and 3, heh, fun times :D

  6. hmm, interesting.

    nice blog yo, following/supporting.

    if you'd like to check me back :D

  7. LOL wow i didnt even know this was still played. i was so bad in this game :(

  8. i remember seeing a lot of fatal1ty's fragmovies. he's an outstanding player. it's good he's back!