Friday, March 11, 2011

[PC News] EVGA show new GeForce GTX 460 2WIN Dual-GPU Graphics Card

Hi, today EVGA show new GeForce GTX 460 2WIN Dual-GPU Graphics Card !! yeah this card is a MONSTER !!

The EVGA GTX 460 2WIN (2WIN sounds like "twin"), uses clock speeds of 700 MHz core, and 900 MHz (3600 MHz GDDR5 effective) memory. Each GF104 chip has 336 CUDA cores enabled, totaling the CUDA core count to 672. The card is cooled by an in-house cooler by EVGA, it uses a large heatsink that is ventilated by three 80 mm fans. Power is drawn from two 8-pin PCI-E power connectors. Display outputs include three DVI and one mini-HDMI, you can run a 3-display NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround setup with just one of these cards, without needing a second one. - techpowerup

source: Techpowerup

price: I don't know :P


  1. this looks crazy, i have the single 460

  2. I want to put it in my computer right now. Go baby go!

  3. Damn you technology, damn you!

  4. It's looking awesome. Maybe that is what will replace my precious HD 4850...

  5. I would love to get this some day.

  6. So damn pretty.

    Wish I had the processor and motherboard upgrade to handle it :/

    Hopefully I'll have a job soon :D :D

    Check me back at and if you'd like to :D