Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Universal Soldiers without CS division

One of the most popular team from Poland, Universal Soldiers has a serious crisis. Actually , he had crisis. Their squad of Counter Strike 1.6 ... doesn't exist. Let's start counting...

As the first of the team said goodbye to "Rulon" (He didn't play now). Next was "amateur". So 2 players went off. The headshot for US was the saying Snax's bye bye to BenQ.DELTAeSports. He was the best player and he "cheer" the whole team. Managers said " oh fuck". A question of time had its retraction of the young talent, "pistolero", who goes to another mid-team, MaxFloPlay. He said:

"I'm leaving the team because of personal problems, since rulon left we have not been able to play with good tactics."

The last US player, "break" go to CEFO (another polish organisation...). Then it happened, which nobody expected. CEFO's CS old division left this organization and they joined to Universal Soldiers (with "break" of course). What a lol...

Universal Soldiers 1.6 team:
-Wojtek "break" Paszkiewicz
-Jacek "minise" Jeziak
-Szymon "Simi" Łowczyński
-Bartek "MEGABARTEK" Grzywacz
-Jarek "Jaro" Kozłowski

If the Polish organizations will continue to exchange players from one team to another, they are not accounted any force against Frag-eXecutors. No comments...

Universal Soldiers are signed up for Xperia PLAY, but it is unknown whether the organisation still plans on sending a team to the event, which will take place from 21-24 April, after these changes. It's a pity, they played so well... here you have the proof of these words:



  1. So basically, the team broke up because they said they're going to stop playing, then all went out and joined other teams? What dicks.

  2. that video felt way too short :O

  3. I was gonna say this shit looks way ancient haha. At least you play manly shooters...

  4. Wow!
    I didn´t know thre were people still playing CS 1.6

  5. seeing this clip makes me wanna play cs again

  6. Oh, cool. never heard of them before. Thanks. Also, I need $upport, just sayin. :(

  7. i am going to start CS again soon.

  8. I'm still playing 1.6. You guys know any good servers?

  9. played CS for a loooong time !