Saturday, March 19, 2011

SK-gaming without dennis...

...temporarily. Dennis "dennis" Edman appears to have suffered a hand injury, but will nevertheless attend Xperia PLAY next month (ooooooh). The injury was sustained after Edman had punched a wall with his left hand, something which ultimately resulted in a broken pinky finger. Injuries like these are often followed by a minor operation, but dennis says he has no plans to undergo such a procedure and is set to drop his cast in one week's time. Funny in this situation is fact, that dennis substituted Jimmy "allen" Allen in SK at the IEM5 World Championship due to... Allen's sickness. Sk-gaming believes in dennis's very (very, very) rapid return. They have already registered him at Copenhagen Games. This is very important event for SK, because in tournament take part elite of CS 1.6 like mTw, fnatic, frag-eXecutors, eSahara, TCM-gaming and mousesport (great come-back? :D). They couldn't give points without a fight.

The Copenhagen Games Xperia PLAY tournament will cater for 48 teams, with 29 of those spots already filled. A prize pot of ~$28,000 is on offer, with the winning team taking home half of that.

Xperia PLAY attendance list:


-SK Gaming
-Team Holte Vinlager
-Competitive Advantage
-vital Gaming
-Online Kingdom
-eSrael Gaming
-Universal Soldiers

-Lions (probably, we don't know now)

This will be the best tournament in 2011!



  1. Man what did he punch a wall for?! Sounds like a good tournament.

  2. Kind of a dumb way to get injured.

  3. Ouch you can lose big money for injuring yourself stupid like that if you are a pro gamer.

  4. do they livestream tournaments for 1.6 if so what site?

  5. He must have been really pissed to punch the wall now he's going to miss a lot!

  6. i would love to play in a ps3 tournament

  7. dang thats cool, wish i lived near it

  8. lol thats what happens when you puncha wall!

  9. i honestly dont think these guys make any money. i think its more like sponsored hardware and stuff

  10. that's sad, i've wanted to see dennis in action...

  11. shitty\. looks like a good tournament

  12. Punching a wall is the only appropriate to express oneself in those situations.

  13. Dang, that sucks! Dennis has to be screaming at the sky right now...poor dude.

  14. next time, don't punch the wall.