Monday, March 21, 2011

Na'Vi won Intel Challange Supercup 7

Natus Vincere has won the Intel Challenge Super Cup 7 season with a 2-1 defeat of Frag eXecutors in the Grand Final. The season final took place at the Kiev CyberSport Arena, where Natus Vincere took on Frag eXecutors to decide the winner of the season. The first map -de_nuke is rarely combined with victory for the Ukrainians and this time should be a repeat of that scenario. Fx won 16-12 and took the lead before moving to second map- de_dust2.

Na´Vi once again proved capable of solid play on the Terrorists side on de_dust2, scoring an 11-4 lead at half-time. Fx then came from behind and evened out the match and it seemed like it could go either way in the end. It should however be Na´Vi to equalize to 1-1 in maps, as they picked up the final round to win 16-14 on de_dust2 and force a third and final map.

Switching to de_inferno, it was Fx who started out the better, getting a hold of 9 rounds as Terrorists. Just like on second map, it went down the wire to decide the winner of the map. In the very last round, Fx had the opportunity to bring the game to a tie, but the Polish team got denied by Na´Vi hot-shot Yegor "markeloff" Markelov, who won a 1-versus-4 situation to secure Na´Vi victory at ICSC7 finals, with a 2-1 score in maps.

Natus Vincere 2:1 Frag eXecutors
-12:16 nuke
-16:14 dust2
-16:14 inferno

That was probably the best action in ICS 7!!

With the third place decider seeing DTS come out on top two maps to none over KerchNET the latter ends their tournament on a down note, taking home no prize money despite single map victories over Na`Vi and FX earlier in the tournament.

Here you have general classification:

1. Natus Vincere - $5,000
2. Frag eXecutors - $3,000
3. DTS - $2,000
4. KerchNET

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  1. any idea on how you can join these teams? i think it would be a blast to compete!

  2. Sometimes I wish I could play like that...

  3. I use to play that all the time. Nostalgia.

  4. i dont play that game but following...

  5. looks like an exciting game!

  6. lol i wish i could win 5000$

  7. prizes look good, seems like close games

  8. I tried a competition like this one time...I lost soo bad it was humiliating, but I still love seeing the results :)

  9. Used to play COD4 pro, and i gotta say, it's intense. You're under so much pressure to perform; i do not envy these guys, i respect them.

  10. Looks like really exciting game!