Saturday, March 19, 2011

Intel Challange Supercup 7 :1st day

Wow, this was very interesting day. After day 1 of the Intel Challenge Super Cup 7 LAN finals finished up with all of the six teams having played their five matches the four teams progressing on to tomorrow (today in Europe), and the playoffs, were Natus Vincere , Frag eXecutors , DTS and KerchNET .

All these teams played out today 5 big battles. That was the clash of giants :)

Frag eXecutors :

Poles started the day duel with Iron Will at eleven o'clock. They won with him 19-11 on de_nuke. The first 4 rounds practically influenced the result of the match. Iron Will players rarely invaded the situation. Iron Will traveled this event with hope, rather than expectation, having changed one player, and then re-added two others, but the former line-up were simply miles away from the opposition, losing all five matches. The Frag eXecutors's domination in this match we can see on this video :)

The next match was with KerchNET. One word fits to describe this game: school. Why? This match was school for Frag-eXecutors,where they learned from KerchNET how to play on de_tuscan. Although they had nice actions like this:

... They gave this match 22-8 for KerchNET. Ukrainians were simply better in respect of mastery of the map.

The third match was a clash of the best European teams: Na'Vi and FX. A duel was so stubborn ,that it ended... draw. Both teams gave took 15 rounds. Uffff.

The fourth battle was very easy for FX. They played against USSR team. They won on de_dust 2 25-5 , crushing rival. USSR fared a little bit better than Iron Will, generally winning two matches, and they would have made it through had KerchNET not defeated Natus Vincere in the last group match.

The last duel was against DTS. Ukrainians didn't have ways to FX. Poles were more aggressive and "dynamic" . It was evident ,that Frag-eXecutors have trained that map after losing on IEM V final with Na'Vi. Gj boys :)

Natus Vincere :

The first match had to be very tough. Na'Vi faced with DTS. The Ukrainians (:D Na'Vi ofc) defeated Ukrainians 23-7 on de_dust 2. That was niiiiice.

Second duel was against USSR team. Once again, Na'Vi didn't give any chances to the opponent and won on de_tuscan 22-8.

The third match markeloff and others played against FX. They're tied with them. Uuuuh, downward trend, uuuuh :)

The fourth battle was played at four pm. The enemy was Iron Will. The Ukrainians won this rencounter 18-12 on de_train.

The last battle was the biggest surprise of the tournament. Na'Vi lost (they didn't win) with KerchNET!!! They lost (!!) 14-16 on de_inferno. Yes, they didn't win.

On this tournament Na'Vi had a great advantage over opponents. THEY HAD DARTH VADER ON TEAM:

KerchNET :

On 11 am B1ad3, bondik, cArsky, Krutoi and sozikzzz played against USSR team. Ukrainian-Russian duel ended up winning for the latter. USSR won 20-10 on de_inferno. They were more dynamic and had more skills :)

Next battle was against FX. As mentioned, they defeated Frag eXecutors 22-8 on de_tuscan.

In the 3rd match they were better than Iron Will. This time , the Ukrainians beat Russians 16-14 on de_nuke.

KerchNET winning once, losing once. Now they lost against their "brothers" , DTS. 11-19 on de_inferno for DTS... they were better tactically.

The last chance for advancement was the victory against Na'Vi. The playing of KerchNET was wonderful. 16-14 on de_inferno. GG :)

and the last team...

DTS.chatrix :

The young team was thrown to the lions Na'Vi. Oh, that was Own3d. 7-23 on de_dust 2. That wasn't fresh start in tournament...

Fortunately, in 2nd duel DTS met with Iron Will (read: whipping boys). They won surely 22-8 on de_inferno.

More Fortunately, the third match was against USSR team (read: second whipping boys). 17-13 on same map.

The Fourth battle they played against their native rivals, KerchNET. Good tactics and teamwork have been successful. They enjoyed the victory on ... you have to guess (A. de_inferno, B.de_inferno, C. on toilet)(17-13).

In bringing the lands of the DTS players have helped the Poles. Frag eXecutors won this match 18-12 on de_infe...train.

ICC semi-final pairings (20.3):
10am- Frag eXecutors vs. DTS
2pm- Natus Vincere vs. KerchNET

Could repeat the IEM 5 final duel (Frag eXecutors vs Na'Vi)? Well, in my opinion yes, because KerchNET and DTS are young teams and they can't withstand the pressures associated with the final. Beside this, FX and Na'Vi have the best players in the world, who as yet don't include the slip :)

And you, what is your favorite?



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