Saturday, March 5, 2011

[IEM- Quake Live] SK-gaming defeated mousesport :)

The History likes repeat itself. SK's Shane "rapha" Hendrixson (USA) won the gold medal at the Intel Extreme Masters # 5 in Quake Live. In the finals he defeated Mousesport representative , Anton 'Cooller "Singov (Russia) 3:0. (One year ago this same players faced with each other- the score was 3:1 for rapha :D)

"Going into the final, both players appeared to be in on top of their game, more so with Anton 'Cooller' Singov who's game play and aim seemed to be at its peak. Prior to the final, Anton had stated he believes its his time and he has a few secrets to show Shane." (

During the final was different. rapha took full control of the game. He won all 3 maps (Furious Heights, Dismemberment and Vertical Vengeance). The win has earned Rapha a tidy sum of $8,500 and his name engraved for the second time in a row on the QL trophy.

The fight for 3rd place was a "fratricidal" clash. Strenx (fnatic) fought against Spart1e( fnatic trolololol) . Strenx won on Furious Heights 3:1, Hektik 15:15, OT1 5:3 and on Lost World 9:1.

Here you have a description of the duel (by

The first map to be played was Furious Heights, a map often played (and won) by strenx during this tournament and not so much by Spart1e. The tempo kicked off slowly and saw the Frenchmen making the opening frag and later on keeping a 2-1 lead. Although the match was quite balanced, Siira could not even up and eventually got denied by strenx, who took the decisive third frag.

Much unlike the first map, the tempo skyrocketed directly at the start of the second map, Hektik. This map was added to the map pool quite recently and has received quite some criticism, but the FnaticMSI players showed exactly why this map has been chosen. The first half was without a doubt on Spart1e his side, making the opening frag and quickly making it a 11-1 lead, much to despite of strenx, who after the match said he “wanted to switch to spectator mode because he was getting bullied completely”. The second half this completely turned around, with strenx taking over control, who rapidly moved on to equalize. Just 15 seconds before the end of the regular time he finally did so.

Right at this moment strenx thought he made an end to the second map, making a spawn kill, but to the surprise of all the spectators at CEBIT Spart1e his rocket kill equalized again and forced an overtime. In this overtime both players went all-in and both picked up several kills, but it was strenx continuing his dominance, winning Hektik 20-18.

Just like his match against rapha yesterday, Spart1e played two close maps, but did not take this in to the third map again. At Lost World the Swede had to let his teammate take control and the first three frags. This was later on enlarged to a 5-0 score and it took until the last 90 seconds for Spart1e to retake item control and try to work his way back in to the match. Unfortunately for him this was too late and as he tried to chase strenx, the score only became bigger and ended at 9-1 in favor of strenx.


Final Standings:
1st. Rapha - $8,500
2nd. Cooller - $4,000
3rd. Strenx - $2,500
4th. Spart1e - $1,400
5/6. DaHanG - $600
5/6. av3k - $600
7/8. Fazz - $400
7/8. Cypher - $400
11/12. czm - $400
11/12. Vo0 - $400


[Now is the grand final of CS 1.6 :Frag Executros vs Na'Vi. More info about this in next news (today :) )]


  1. can i watch vids of the matches somewhere?

  2. I can only imagine how exciting it must be to spectate a game like that live. I've only been in a clan once for another game called Joint Ops, and I know the action can get pretty awesome.

  3. Sooner or later they'll be showing this kind of stuff on the telly.

  4. I can't believe that the same people were facing up again this year, I guess they must really be the best!

  5. Oh man those teems still exist? Loved Sk-gaming as well as mousesports back in the day.