Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EGS- new e-sport project

Two Dutchmen: Bert Du Toy van Hees and Mike Slagmolen, came to the conclusion that they try to creatively exploit the potential of e-sport. Their creation is European Game Series. In addition to the tournament organization, it aims to do this, what many thought a long time - to unite professional gaming with television. At the beginning only in Netherlands, but later...

"EGS operates game content and competition on television and the Internet, featuring both paid and free online game competitions, as well as live gaming events on national and international TV channels. In this way, thus far undiscovered gaming talents on the internet will grow to become international TV stars. The best thing is - anybody can enter the competitive gaming scene."

The new Internet platform EGSonline.eu will allow the game audience to connect and play competitively on all major games. Soon we can access this platform on egsonline.eu and gameseries.tv ." [The websites need a little bit more time to go live.]

Interesting is also the attitude of creators to gaming:

"Games are not just playing for fun – we now have a matured eSports Market. We want to develop this market even further, and expand it to a type of World Wide Olympic level. The games market is the world's fastest growing market and offers space for creative ideas and spin-offs. [...] "

The creators of European Game Series promise, that soon we will provide details on the first events under the sign of EGS. Then we'll find out what platform will prefer and how it will look like a system of competitions, a prize pool will be announced the first contest.

The best thing in this situation is full support for project. Their partners are: Tank One, Technofonds and... KMM Group. The last partner has over 30 small companies(!!!) dealing with marketing, multimedia and knowledge!! Never, the initial design didn't have such a comprehensive organization like this. If the project succeeds, that will be the revolution for e-sport!

Source: frag-executors.com, egsinc.org


  1. good on them to start something big like that. :)

  2. Id love to compete for an olympic medal playing black ops!!

    Good article.

  3. Sounds pretty cool, but questionable about how successful it'll be.