Friday, August 12, 2011

[Rumor] New Valve game?

Everything has started On EASA forum where Craig "Torbull" Levine (EASA forum Crew) post that he was on visit in VALVE for testing a new Counter-Strike Game, he posted a picture for showing that he really was there.

That message was confirmed by Bastian Vieser, ESL manager. He wrote on his Twitter: "ust spend all day playing the new Counterstrike Global Offensive #CSGO at the #Valve HQ ! God I love my job.. oh and yeah... its that good!". However EASA forum on their Facebook wall post that we will get some new info tommorow "morning".

Some rumor said, that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be working on updated Source engine, and will focus on 5v5 gameplay's, so We need to wait for some info from Valve too.

Of course, if they will get some info, you will get informed here ;d