Monday, August 15, 2011

RAGE and Steam ;)

RAGE - new id Software action game will require steam to install and activate on our account. It mean we will unable to sell it on aftermarket which is a minus of that, but there are other pluses of that.

We will have a Voice Communication, DLC when release and our save games will be on Steam Cloud servers.

here you can watch a gameplay from that production:

RAGE should be released 7 October 2011 but that game was announce August 2, 2007 so it's 4 years. I hope it will not become a Duke Nukem Forever.


  1. When games take this long to get released, i kinda lose interest in it.

  2. I'll be playing this just for John Goodman's voice acting.

  3. Rage is a game I've been looking out for. I love me some post-apocalypse shooters