Monday, March 21, 2011

[PC News]TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.5.2

Hi, today TechPowerUp show new GPU-Z 0.5.2 what new ?:
  • Added support for NVIDIA GT 440, GTX 550, GTX 560, GTX 570, GTX 590
  • Added support for AMD HD 6990
  • Added detection support for more Sandy Bridge IGPs
  • Fixed ROP count on ATI Madison
  • Improved OpenCL detection for ATI
  • Added CHL8228 voltage controller support for Cayman Pro and XT
  • Improved driver based voltage monitoring support for ATI cards
  • Added startup parameter /card followed by the adapter index, starts with 1.
  • Several crash and stability fixes

source: techpowerup


  1. Very cool, it'd be freaking sweet to have a crossfire configuration set up!

  2. Awesome, now if only I could afford one of those cards. : (

  3. I wish I knew what it all meant ;)

  4. currently in the process of building a custom machine - this could be useful, thanks.

  5. Gpu-z and its big brother cpu-z are very useful little apps that I seem to always have to redownload whenever I need them.

  6. I do approve. Too bad it's completely outta my price range....

  7. looks superior but overpriced

  8. My school introduced me to these programs a while back, and since then they've been my computers best friend.