Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[PC News] Asus show DirectCU II series

Asus show DirecCU II high-end series. Just look at it :)

card with DirectCU II : HD 6970, HD 6950, GTX 580, GTX 570, GTX 560

info from ASUS:
  • ASUS exclusive cooling technology DirectCU has pioneered the use of 100% copper heat pipes that come in direct contact with the GPU core, removing the metal shielding usually used between the core and the cooler in traditional graphics card designs. Compared to reference graphics cards, DirectCU models have shown up to 20%* lower temperatures under load.
  • New DirectCU II technology is an evolution of the DirectCU concept. In addition to the copper heat pipes, it includes a custom cooler fitted with two 80mm or 100mm sound-dampened fans. Unlike other graphics card cooling systems that sacrifice fan size and airflow to maintain quiet operation, the quality engineering of DirectCU II technology makes it capable of deploying two large fans that still remain quiet and unobtrusive. Testing has shown DirectCU II results in up to 600% greater airflow and up to 20%* cooler operation than respective reference designs. This massive increase in cooling translates into an immediate performance gain, as the card can take on heavier loads. Users can also overclock the hardware further thanks to higher tolerances and lower temperatures.
  • Super Alloy Power technology is based on proprietary research and development of a unique alloy formula in critical power delivery components. Used in chokes, capacitors, POSCAPs and MOSFETs, Super Alloy Power technology boosts graphics card performance by 15%*, lowers operating temperatures by 35°C, and lengthens lifespan by 2.5 times when compared to reference designs. With added POSCAPs providing the most efficient power supply possible, DirectCU II graphics cards gain 28%* greater stability during overclocking.
  • All of the new DirectCU II graphics cards cater to the needs of power users wishing to experiment with radical overclocking and performance enhancement. Each ships with exclusive overvolting utility Voltage Tweak, which allows modification of the card’s power delivery for up to 50% faster clock speeds.
  • The ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II TOP features specially-selected and factory overclocked cores for maximized performance at 900MHz, an 80MHz gain over generic core clock speeds, which guarantees premium overclocking experiences for gamers.

source: TechPowerUp and Asus


  1. whoa that is amazing!

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  2. i like the strong video caard for pc game$$

  3. isn't liquid cooking still better than that new DirectCU cooler?

  4. Technological advances is progressing too fast for me

  5. Mmm...
    they are going to be heavy...
    Didn't ATI..errmm...AMD already used copper as pipes?

  6. Awesome. Scared to see the $$ tho...

  7. This is awesome news, they decreased sound and heat. Though as the previous commenters said i'm scared to see the prices too:D

  8. Video cards, the bane of paycheck surpluses.

  9. ouch that is going to leave a large hole in my bank account!