Saturday, February 5, 2011

[PC News] Antec show 4 new computer case

Hi, today Antec show 4 new computer case. P183, P193, Nine Hundred Two and Twelve Hundred models.
some photo:

all models have:
  • Front panel USB 3.0 port for faster data transmission
  • An internal 2.5" SSD drive bay (two drive bays in the Performance One enclosures and one drive bay in the Gaming Case series) for an unmatched combination of performance and convenience
  • A CPU cutout that allows for easy heatsink replacement

"The P183 V3, P193 V3, Nine Hundred Two V3 and Twelve Hundred V3 are available now for an estimated price of $179.95, $209.95, $159.95 and $209.95" - techpowerup

source: TechPowerUp


  1. The first one is my favorite :3

  2. Sexy like a chocolate strawberry

  3. Love the third one...classic blue lighting :)

  4. A bit pricey for a case but nice looking

  5. I love my cooler master haf 932 case it's like a storage shed for computer parts. I've built a few Antec rigs, and I have to say they are certainly known for their quietness. Especially if you drop in a H50 to cool the cpu.
    -Supported by, Maniacal