Saturday, February 26, 2011

[Blog News] Change !!

Hi, last time I was very busy and I don't have much time for blog - sorry !!

so, my friends will help me :D

Altenfrost - He will help me in my blog, he will post about E-sport, so what with IT ? IT is for me :D

Husar - He will help me in my other blog -cars and sometimes in computer

My two friends make blog about games, they will review games.
English version :
Polish version:

and that's all from blog news :)


  1. Cool, good for you that you have some help now, it should make it easier for you :D

  2. good, maybe there will be more posts then ?

  3. nice hope to see more from you soon then

  4. That's nice that you're working together!

  5. good stuff!

    I made a new music mix today! Check it out :)