Saturday, January 15, 2011

[PC NEWS] Last week

Last week - it's my new "PROJECT" . What is it ? I will show you what's happend in computer in last week (I will do it in every Saturday :) )
  1.  First photo of LGA 2011 ?! OMG ... 5 January we have premiere of LGA 1155 and now Intel show new socket ... ok so what's new in new socket ?
    - the 32-lane PCI-Express controller - HURRAY !! now we don't need NF200 to have SLI/CrossFire
    - quad-channel DDR3 (?) - Yeah, it's could be good :)
    - Intel X68 - heh new chipset :/
    for now that's all ... for me - cool, but not to good :/
  2. New info about new graphic card - GTX 595 - what's new ? nothink special... GTX 595 will have  2x GF110
  3.  New ATI ASUS 6970 - what's new ? THIS CARD IS HUGE !! card requires three expansion slots !!:D I Don't know what to say :D
  4. Kingston will make special RAM for Sandy Bridge, its 8GB 2133MHz HyperX - Nothing special...
  5. G.Skill make the same what Kingston - create special RAM for Sandy Bridge but... G.Skill RAM is looks better :D Yeah I know that's stupid :D but what say about it :/
I think that's all for this week :/ nothink special ... Have a Idea ? Write it in comments :P


  1. You should do a blog post where you explain what all the different parts do and what to look for when you buy them, because honestly I have no idea what that all your hardware does. I will follow and check back in though, because I know building your own computer is a great way to save money. Thanks!

  2. quad channel ddr3, that thing would ffllllyyyyy! i'll admit that i'm a newb with computers these days though..

  3. I agree with -some guy-
    perhaps you could make some introduction to computer hardware :P

  4. I think i'm still using ddr2... feels bad man. Games run pretty smoothly tho. This brought me back to reality on how outdated I really am.

    one good sale can make your computer last that much longer before needing another upgrade.

  5. my comp really need an upgrade.. compared to yours it's so outdated.

  6. Very interesting, been thinking about upgrading a while, very usefull!

  7. LGA 2011 will be useless i think, people right now will choose even 1156 because, CPU's for that socket are great.

    HD 6970, i would like to buy one of these :D

  8. thanks for the hlep. all looks very technical

  9. I've got already one of those new Sandy CPUs.
    Waiting for the other parts to arrive so i can build up my new comp.
    Pozdrowienia ;)